Plant Health Care (PHC)

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What Is PHC?


Symptoms, such as discolored leaves, dead branches, or early leaf drop, can be a cause for concern in your landscape.

Most of the time the causes of these concerns are minor, abiotic, problems that can be easily explained and corrected. Other times, the problems are more complex, with several underlying causes and a remedy that requires treatments extending over several years.

The goal of  a PHC program is to be aware of and familiar with all of the aspects of your landscape, in order to prevent serous problems from occurring. PHC involves monitoring your landscape with these things in mind:

  • Appearance
  • Vitality
  • Safety
  • Cost Effective Treatments
  • Environmentally Responsible Practices

If you’re interested in increasing the longevity of your landscape, give us a call and well set up a consultation where one of our experienced arborists will assess your landscape and develop a PHC program that is right for you.



Learn More:

Some of our most effective PHC practices include:

  • Root Collar Maintenance
  • Deep Root Fertilizer
  • Core Aeration
  • Pruning
  • Preventative Insecticidal Treatments for
  • Anti-desiccant Application
  • Mycorrhizae Treatment
  • Soil Samples
  • Cultural Corrections
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