Turf Maintenance and Turf Related Services

Lawn Mowing
Our attention to detail sets us apart from other lawn mowing companies. All of our employees are taught a list of do’s and don’ts.

We sharpen our lawnmower blades daily.
We blow off all mulch beds and hard surfaces.
Every crew is equipped with a push mower for turf areas which are not accessible with a larger machine.
We stripe all open areas.
When it is necessary, we double cut and/or blow excess clippings from the turf areas.

We do not cut in the same direction every time.
When changing directions, we do not turn our mowers so sharply that it creates a bare spot.
We do not trim so closely that it kills existing turf and creates bare areas for weed seeds to germinate.
We do not cut wet areas with large machines as it causes extensive damage to the turf.
We do not cut recklessly over rough terrain leaving behind scalp marks.

Turf Maintenance Program
Our 5 step basic program includes:
A spring granular fertilizer application with crabgrass preventative
A liquid broadleaf/post-emergent crabgrass combination application
A granular fertilizer application with grub control
A liquid broadleaf/insecticide combination application
Aeration, over seeding and fertilization
Fungicide and post emergent Nutsedge applications are made on an as needed basis. These services are billed on a time and material basis.

Aeration should be done at least once a year. Once the stresses of summer have wreaked havoc on your lawn and the moderate temperatures of early fall set in, it is time to repair the damage that was done. We believe that spring aeration creates a prime environment for weed germination. Therefore, early fall is ideal for turf repair projects. The earlier the aeration is completed, the more time the grass has to mature and root in before winter arrives. For any soil type, soil sealing and compacting can seriously impair turf growth. Grass roots are injured because air, water and fertilizers cannot reach them in sufficient quantities. Mechanical core aeration breaks through this barrier and is essential for continued turf health. Unlike other companies, we double aerate all turf areas. This maximizes the number of holes created, allowing twice as much seed to germinate and twice as much fertilizer to get to the root zone. We use the highest quality turf type Tall Fescue blend. This blend has a 99 percent germination rate, when irrigated properly. Fertilizer applications immediately following aeration, most efficiently provide nutrients to the turf roots. We apply an 18-24-12 fertilizer which hastens germination and promotes rapid root development. Yet another benefit of aeration is the plugs which are left behind assist in breaking down thatch. Large bare spots in the yard, which may be a result of harsh summer temperatures, need special attention. Depending on the size of the areas, they will need to be renovated or hand scratched and seeded. If you have an invisible dog fence and/or an irrigation system we will work with you to get them marked before aeration begins. We look forward to making your lawn the most attractive in the neighborhood.

One of the quickest ways to enhance the appearance of your yard is through sodding. As opposed to seeding, sodding offers instant results. Although sodding is generally more expensive than seeding, we are installing turf that is at least two years old. The mature sod is going to be thicker and a darker green. Many steps go into properly sodding a yard and it is important to have it installed by an M & P professional. These steps include eradication of old turf and weeds, grading, installation, fertilization, pinning (if necessary), watering, and rolling. There are many sod growers but we only purchase ours from the best. With the quality of our service and product, satisfaction is guaranteed.

There are many different ways to seed a yard. Whether it is complete yard renovation through seeding, scratch seeding, or over seeding, M & P Landscaping, Inc. can assist you with all of your seeding needs. We specialize in creating an ideal seed bed for grass to grow and we only use the highest quality materials. We use a special mixture of seed that is grown in Oregon, we use straw that does not contain weed seeds, and we apply fertilizer at the correct rate which contains the necessary nutrients for a healthy yard.