Landscape Maintenance and Services

Paver Patios and Retaining Wall Construction
Paver patios can turn a boring back yard into an exciting new outdoor living space. Retaining walls not only prevent erosion, but can also be a beautiful accent to a landscape. Our favorite materials include Romanstone Pavers and Versa-Loc Retaining wall systems. We believe that both of these products are second to none in the industry, and you will find our installation to be equally as impressive. Our installation process is extremely thorough, done to St. Louis County code and is designed to create a long lasting, high quality result.

An essential step to the perfect mulching job is the definition of a clean, aesthetically pleasing bed edge. Not only does the bed edge create lines for the eyes to follow, it keeps the mulch in the designated bed areas. If a bed edge is not defined, over time the mulch washes into the yard. As this occurs, you lose more and more of the turf area. If you do not have permanent edging installed, it is necessary to redefine the bed edges using a spade before mulching begins. Many companies edge before they mulch, but they toss the edging into the bed and then cover it with mulch. We believe that a majority of the edging needs to be hauled away. A little soil under the mulch is fine, but extensive amounts of dirt, grass and sometimes weeds in the bed areas can lead to problems. These problems include unwanted weed seeds and excessive soil accumulation around trees and shrubs in the bed areas. This, over time, can compromise the health of your plants or detract from the appearance of the bedding areas.

One of the most overlooked, yet beneficial elements of landscaping is mulching. Mulching should be done on a yearly basis to replace the mulch that has broken down or was removed during leaf clean-up the prior fall. Not only does mulch give the landscape a clean appearance, it is beneficial for the plants. As the mulch breaks down it provides nutrients for the plants, it also helps hold moisture, and it cuts down on weeds. Unlike other companies, we do not over mulch. At any given time, there should not be more than 3 inches of mulch in a planting bed. If there is excess mulch, we will remove the excess and replace it with a light coating of fresh mulch. Not only do we check the depth of the mulch, we make sure that mulch is not mounded up on shrubs, tree trunks, houses or any other items that may be in the planting bed. This can cause harm to the plants, or wood trim of a house. Before spring mulching, we broadcast a weed pre-emergent, fertilize all plants with a multi-purpose 14-14-14 or 12-12-12 fertilizer, and either re-define or establish the bed edge with a spade (only if there is no permanent edging in place).

Trimming and Pruning
Our maintenance crews are equipped and experienced at all types of shrub trimming and selective hand pruning. We are also capable of some light tree trimming. For all major tree trimming needs, we can refer you to a quality tree service company. Our detailed clean-up and our precise cuts are what sets us apart from other companies.

Leaf Removal
Leaf Removal is a service that everyone needs. Maintaining a debris free lawn is essential in promoting the health of your turf. We are experts at leaf clean-up and we use state of the art equipment when providing this service. We have the man power and experience to turn your weekend leaf clean-up project into a weekend of free time for you to spend however you please. Not only will we clean your leaves, but we will remove all sticks, gumballs, acorns, and any other yard debris. If you have city curbside pick-up, we will coordinate our clean-ups in accordance with your city pick-up schedule. If your city does not provide curbside pick-up, we have multiple curbside leaf vacuums.

Whether planting new trees, shrubs, perennials, or annuals, M & P only plants the best. We hand pick all plants from a vast nursery stock, to insure our customer’s satisfaction. Every plant is planted properly and is planted in a special garden mix to help promote proper growth. All plants are watered in and fertilized appropriately. We can handle any project from mass plantings to season annuals.

We have a landscape architect available to help make your landscaping dreams become a reality. We design many things including plantings, retaining walls, patios, sidewalks, and driveways.

Brush Removal
Brush removal is a straight forward yet difficult task. You may find yourself trying to reclaim your back yard from Catalpa trees, Honeysuckle trees, Mulberry trees or any other Missouri “volunteer” plants. Year after year, you cut them down, but they come back. We have the man power and knowledge to remove them and keep them gone. Let us help you get your yard back, or create new planting area by removing the unsightly brush from your yard.

Drainage and Water Control
From seep water to French drains, catch basins to trench drains, downspout extensions to cutting swales. We have seen and solved a variety of water control issues. Just contact us and we will tell you the best solution for your problem. All drainage work is checked with a transit to ensure ample fall. After all, everyone knows that water doesn’t run uphill!

Snow Removal and De-Icing
For both Residential and Commercial properties alike, we want to make sure you get where you are going without the worry of slipping and falling during inclement weather. Snow removal, salting and chemical de-icing is a necessity when it comes to running a successful business or having a safe home environment. We respond to your winter weather needs in a timely manner and do not destroy your property in the process. We carefully avoid turf areas, planting beds, hardscapes, cars, and other obstacles we may encounter when plowing. We use salt on commercial lots and potassium on sidewalks and homeowner’s driveways.